An interview with BJournal:


“Angelic and delicate sound” brightonmusicblog.co.uk

“The first album of Nick Austin’s is one of the finest collections of songs heard in the new year.” lifeisaminestrone.over-blog.com

“Nick Austin manages the hard task of sounding timeless blending a crooning jazz voice with intricate folk songwriting, breathtaking.” Marwood Presents

My name is Nick Austin, I am a Brighton-based songwriter and performer. Having bought an 80s cassette portastudio I have begun to develop a lofi jazz/folk sound based on interesting chord structures and considered lyrics. Without hopefully sounding too pretentious I love art that has a dream like quality and I am very interested in how dreams combine often very different emotions  without needing a specific focus or ’cause’ for those feelings.  In a dream it is rare that you are experiencing one complete emotion at a time, usually there are many competing simultaneously or in very quick succession. I’m trying to write songs that combine different emotions at the same time, and which are  dream-like and hard to determine. I hope people will apply to them whatever it is they are feeling and make their own interpretations, in the same way that people interpret their dreams.

My first set of songs in this sound is entitled “Cassette Recordings” (2016)

I have also recorded and self-released the digital albums Nick Austin (2015) and The Violet Hour (2016).